Mambo Music and Dance

The mambo music and dance are one of numerous Latin-American rhythms that have developed into a style of dance. Even though it is no longer popular as it once was, it still is an infectious rhythm that makes feet dance. You are at the right place to get complete details about mambo dance and music.

Though mambo music and dance is a decidedly Cuban in style, its roots can be seen stretching to far more European than Latin. The music was originally based greatly on English and French ballroom dancing music. It was hardly ever intended for dancing. Like most instant fads, craze for the mambo music faded out of popularity nearly as fast as it arrived, although the form is still heard and danced today.

The Percussion Instrument

Get info on Percussion instrument creating the distinct mambo ostinato patterns. See the common Percussion instruments like timbales, cymbals, conga drums..   See More

The Strings Instrument

Read about the Strings instrument, making music with vibrating strings. Discover the use of Strings instruments, guitar, violin, cello in Mambo music.   See More

The Bass Instrument

Get info about Bass instrument, covering a wide range of musical roles in Mambo. See how the Bass instrument acts as a common rhythm section in mambo music.   See More

The Popular Piano Instruments

Read about the Piano instrument, a rhythmic instrument that offers the chordal structure of mambo music. Explore the use of Piano instrument in mambo..   See More

The Mambo Walk

Check out the mambo walk, moderate in difficulty. Learn mambo walk moving forward, backward or side-to-side.   See More

The New Mambo Dance Steps

Get aware on the new mambo dance steps, causing jaws to drop. Impress someone special with new mambo dance steps.   See More

Basic Mambo Dance Steps

Learn about basic mambo dance steps, which are moderate in difficulty. Check out the basic mambo dance steps and practice on to become an expert..   See More

Xavier Cugat – A Spanish-American Bandleader

Go through Xavier Cugat biography & his role in spreading Latin music in US. Get a glimpse of Xavier Cugat music, his skill as a cartoonist and businessman.   See More

Tito Puente - Modern Mambo Musicians

Browse through Tito Puente biography and learn about his professional career, giving new twist to jazz. Read about Tito Puente music and his life.   See More

Life of Perez Prado

Read about Perez Prado, clearly the leader in the mambo movement. Gather details about Perez Prado music and his great success..   See More

Mambo Music – Rhythmic Feel of Mambo

Get info on the fascinating salsa mambo music, which can be endlessly enjoyable. Read about mambo music samples bringing people to their feet.   See More

Mambo Dance - An Instant Craze

Familiarize with the mambo dance moves & rising popularity of mambo dance music. Read about the sensational mambo dance steps that can make anyone dance.   See More

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