Basic Mambo Dance Steps

Basic mambo dance may look very similar to Salsa at first glance. However, as you practice, you will find the style much crispier than the laid back style of the Salsa. Read on to get familiar about basic mambo dance steps.

Basic mambo dance is basically a 4/4 steps dance form. Followed by quick-quick-slow beats, there are no movements on the first step of every 4/4 beat. This is. While moving forward and backward, dancers sway their hips, giving a fluid motion with the music. When learning basic mambo dance steps, one often finds it more difficult to start on the second beat of the measure, although many of the patterns are similar.

Ballroom dancing shoes with suede soles are recommended when learning basic mambo dance.

Basic mambo dance steps

• Begin each step begins with the count for that part of the step. This is the beat you will be dancing on and how you will count it.

• All basic mambo dance steps should land with the ball of the foot first, and then lower the heel.

• Stand on your right foot with your left foot free in closed dance position. The lady’s right hand is in the man’s left, held at about eye level, while the man’s right hand is on lady’s left shoulder blade. Lady’s left hand lies flat on the man’s back, just behind his shoulder.

• Do nothing on count one, just take deep breath.

• Take a small step forward on your left foot on count two, but do not move your right foot.

• Replace the weight back onto your right foot on count three.

• On count four, take your left foot to your right and shift weight to your left.

• On count five, do nothing but take a deep breath again.

• On count six, take a small step back on your right foot, without moving your left foot.

• Replace your weight on your left foot, on count seven.

• On count eight, bring your right foot to your left and shift weight to the right foot.

The lady's part for basic mambo dance steps is exact opposite of the man's. She should follow his lead and dance backward when he steps forward and likewise dance forward when he dances backward.

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