Mambo Music and Dance

Mambo music and dance is a flirtatious and sensual dance. It can get very gross at times, almost raunchy. You are just at the right destination on how to dance mambo. Mambo dancers are quite passionate about mambo dance steps and seem to express their passion with the movements of their hips. Long, flowing movements and sharp, quick steps along with overstated hip movements, contribute to the sensuous feel of the mambo music and dance.

With time the Mambo music and dance has gained popularity and developed into a favorite dance style today. Browse the place to learn how to dance mambo. Get information about the basic as well as the advanced mambo dance steps. Of course you would like to know about the mambo walk too. Browse the place to get info on new mambo steps.

Go dance mambo!

The Percussion Instrument

Get info on Percussion instrument creating the distinct mambo ostinato patterns. See the common Percussion instruments like timbales, cymbals, conga drums..   See More

The Strings Instrument

Read about the Strings instrument, making music with vibrating strings. Discover the use of Strings instruments, guitar, violin, cello in Mambo music.   See More

The Bass Instrument

Get info about Bass instrument, covering a wide range of musical roles in Mambo. See how the Bass instrument acts as a common rhythm section in mambo music.   See More

The Popular Piano Instruments

Read about the Piano instrument, a rhythmic instrument that offers the chordal structure of mambo music. Explore the use of Piano instrument in mambo..   See More

The Mambo Walk

Check out the mambo walk, moderate in difficulty. Learn mambo walk moving forward, backward or side-to-side.   See More

The New Mambo Dance Steps

Get aware on the new mambo dance steps, causing jaws to drop. Impress someone special with new mambo dance steps.   See More