The Mambo Walk

Learning Mambo walk is moderate in difficulty. The accent is given to the two beat of the music, which make it distinct from Salsa. The rhythm is a quick, quick, slow or two, three, four with holds on the one and five in the mambo walk.

Mambo walk moves forward, backward or side-to-side and counts the dance in eights.

Steps to learn mambo walk

1. Stand facing each other, with the follower's left arm resting on the leader's right shoulder.

2. Bend your body a little forward while you're in the dance position with your partner. Make sure your body is a little forward of your ankles.

3. Keep the left foot forward as the leader, step onto the ball of the foot then the heel.

4. The follower will move the right foot back with the same action.

5. As you step onto the ball, your leg should bend and then straighten up as you step onto the heel.

6. One has to repeat step 3, with the follower moving back on the left and the leader moving forward on the right.

7. Continue the action to do the Mambo walk.

We hope you make best use of this brief info on how to learn mambo walk. As you can see, the basic pattern of the mambo walk consists of two halves: forward basic and backward basic. When the leader dances the forward basic, the lady dances the backward basic and vice versa.

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