The Percussion Instrument

The Mambo music reflects its mixed historical legacy, combining elements of South American, European and native Latin cultures. Mambo music makes use of the Percussion instrument that has been culturally adapted. Undeniably, Latin Percussion instrument has played an important role in shaping Mambo music.

One of the key percussion instruments in a mambo orchestra include the timbales, which are actually tuned drums, fitted with a "chachacha" bell, a wood block and small cymbals. The singers have also been seen to use an assortment of hand-held percussion instruments such as maracas, shakers and cowbells. Besides a regular drum kit, a mambo orchestra would also include separate sets of bongo drums and conga drums as Percussion instruments.

Mambo percussion instrument is perhaps the most regular instrumental aspect across the genre. Percussion sections in a mambo group almost always included conga drums and timbales. There were also hand Percussion instrument pieces like guiros and bongos. The percussion instruments, especially the drums, produce the distinctive mambo ostinato patterns which are ever present in the music.

Latin Percussion instrument refers to a large family of musical percussion instruments used in Latin music, which is a very loosely relate to mambo musical styles. Chiefly from the Latin American region, the music clearly shows influences of African tribal music.

Percussion instrument is the heartbeat of a Mambo musical ensemble. Working in close alliance with bass instruments, the bassist and the drummer are often referred to as the rhythm section in Mambo. Because of the large variety of percussive instruments, it is common to see large musical ensembles composed entirely of percussion.

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